Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight

Hi, official website.

My name is Peter McCarthy and I am the main character in this feature film.

Fight or Flight is based in Thailand’s Muay Thai boxing scene and follows my journey throughout Thailand. In our film, Muay Thai boxing is the catalyst for a wider story about bullying, aggression and violence in our society. The main subtext of the story is the psychological effects of bullying and the journey towards overcoming a violent upbringing. I spent over a year and a half in Thailand and the film is based on my personal story.​

​Fight or Flight has done exceptionally well at International film festivals winning many awards and nominations. Five times Best Documentary winning awards at Hamburg, Toronto, Long Island Film Festival, Temecula Valley, BIFF Wisconsin, Flyway Film Festival and the 2012 Underground Cinema Film Festival.

My Experiences with bullying​

Bullying began for me at an early age in my family home and then escalated when I entered my schooling years. At nine years of age I was knocked around badly by a Christian Brother teacher for a year. Later when I was in my early teens I was bullied quite harshly by some guys in my school both physically and psychologically.

The main turning point in my life was when I was attacked on a street and had a glass bottle thrown in my face. This led me on a precarious but life changing journey into Thailand’s ring fighting circuit. It is a journey that I will never forget and it has changed my life for the better.

At the time when we began making this film I did’nt know that the movie was going to be about this subject. It was only through the process of making the film that we began to see that it was predominantly about the effects of bullying. ​

The Making of Fight or Flight ​

We financed the film by investing a considerable amount personal funds, re-mortgaging the house and credit cards. The Irish Film Board assisted us in completing the project. We’d really appreciate if you watched the film legally as opposed to downloading is as we have a lot of debts to pay off – Thanks!​

I hope you enjoy the film and thanks for supporting the project. ​

Cheers ​​

Peter ​!home/mainPage


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