FightorFlight – Fight or Flight

Fight or flight is a feature film based on one mans conflict with the world, told through Thai Boxing. The film premiered at the DOCNZ International Documentary Film Festival in Auckland, New Zealand in September 2007 and is toured the entire country until November. We have had much interest over the past several years about the availability of this feature film and Good Dog Films Limited in conjunction with are now pleased to be able to offer this feature film to the internationally community. Fight or Flight has been supported by the Muay Thai Community in Thailand, Buddhist community in Thailand, martial arts international community as well as various social / spiritual individuals and organisations internationally. This feature film is available for the first time on as of November 2007 The film synopsis goes:Director Peter J McCarthy is the victim of a merciless attack. The life-changing event awakens within him a primal urge to learn self-defence. He escapes to Thailand to deal with a tumult of emotions – anger, fear and revenge. He channels these feelings into Muay Thai training; Thailand’s national sport. Peter undergoes a mental and physical transformation; from victim to warrior as he prepares for his first step into the ring and to face his greatest fear.Fight or Flight is the real life story of one Irishman’s journey that takes audiences from the streets of Dublin to the underbelly of ring fighting scenes of Thailand. Whilst Peter’s initial encounters in the boxing ring bring him a sense of euphoric release, his experiences lead him to question even more the upsurge of violence in modern society. Peter begins to explore the nature of violent sport within Thai culture – from a brutal cock fight to a typical ring fighting event in Thailand in which one of the more bizarre draw cards include two mentally handicapped men.Told with great dramatic effect and filmed with truckloads of cinematic style, Peter’s journey into the East takes him to the edge of his own reality. Visit for details and sales


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